you have been there too? right? spending ur fucking day thinking on that some 1 and hoping that some 1 is doing the same for you (ur stupid, like me)

'do and say' ARE NEVER THE SAME
remember that quote it will help u see stuffs 'P'
i've never been in that situation i gueeesss
its up to karma
karma is a bitch(shhh i didn't told u(shes gona get me))
i love me
me loves i
and at the same time i know it's just a moment and tomorrow i will think different

What you really are to me

I'm Hoping you know
I won't come back
Yea right... that's what i wish... i could do
but i'm sure that in the first moment you talk to me
I'll do the oposite
our rolls in live are so different you know?
some get to fall in love
others get to wish about the mistakes young lovers will regret soon (babies)
so i won't be to emo out of my feeling BUT ill remind you (reader) how much it hurts:
think of your first CRUSH... and how much it really crushed of you
that's why love dooms us all
that's why i don't want to fell in.... (how childish..)
because at the end of the relationship
I'll find this few words... lost some somewhere with dust on it
and all my past frustration brought alive again.

#Left in Me

Pain has consumed my heart
Emotion that we had once...
Feelings that are gone and won't come back
and words that can't explain how i feel
It's all that you#

Just an Experience

Today is just an experiment
all we have lived have tought us something
the words we say and the mistakes we make
a kiss and a goodnight tale
just past and innocence
from the fountain of joy and the right
goes the little guy with hes sister
fighting over future wounds
the mouth that kisses mom
now smokes death into the lungs
but you have the results
its just an experiment

Royal Footsteps

And there he was in the between.
Uncomfortable, reading and typing.
And a million watching.
Worried about, noises that bounce in the room.
He ordered the commoners to stand.
I'm sorry my job is not to amuse you.
Said the scum to the big foot.
A quick clap and a stunning boom.
Thats the last time i saw the worm.
Only an empty dorm.
And the remains of the burnt roots.


Words are enough to express what feelings comprehend?.
Sometimes our hearts tells us that there is more beyond
in ways that only are defined on our interests.
We all wish something, those who aren't alive
and those alive like deads.
And here i'm typing about something no one will care
insted of living and fighting for a purpose.
You? what are You doing?
you are in the midle of living and reading some randoms guy dilema, of live.
Well its not your fault, there is no solution of it, but it dosent matter.
Here its were the craziness starts